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Data Transfer! $60


Transferring your data

We'll back up or transfer your data to one medium or device (including DVDs, NAS, hard drive, etc.). You will need to supply the backup device.

Keeping it organized

We will make sure the data maintains the same folder structure as the previous location. (For example, documents will go into the My Documents folder.)

Finishing touches

We'll install and configure included or built-in software for any external hard drive, and we'll help you set up a data backup schedule that fits your needs.

Computer Setup! $60

Service Includes one of the Following:1. Connection and initial setup of one computer system.

Computer setup involves: Wire management using cable ties when needed; initial computer setup on first startup; installation of 1 hardware and 1 software..

Configure existing Internet access and single existing email account.

Remove any unwanted applications, install updates and apply Tweaks; add computer to an existing wireless network; test computer for functionality.


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